Dental Team Gearing Up for Nicaragua Mission Trip

Twenty-five people will be leaving for LAX from our church Thursday, June 11 to catch a plane to Nicaragua. The other 25 will be flying in from elsewhere or on different flights.

A Team of Dentists and Dental Students
Making up this group are 10 dentists, two dental anesthesiologists, two pediatric dentists, one nurse, one dental hygienist, 20 dental students, three dental hygiene students and 10 volunteers.

Wherever we work in Nicaragua, we will be joined by dental students and faculty from UNICA School of Dentistry in Managua. This will be our 16th year going to serve the children of Colegio Bautista, a school for students in kindergarten through high school. We are now providing dental care for the children of children we have served in the past. We also serve the children of our sister church Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. We no longer serve the children of the dump, because they have closed the dump to people living there.

The Clinics Will Serve the Poorest People
We now have two clinics, serving the poorest people of Managua. One is called the Mission of Hope and the other is Esquipulas. At Esquipulas we mainly treat the children of the local school. There are two clinics here:  One which is an ongoing study on the affect of placing glassionomer sealants on all healthy six and 12 year molars.  This is a long term study in which this study population will be compared to the average in the country. The other clinic will do fillings on teeth that were too decayed to place sealants. Again we will have our clinic at Metropolitan Hospital, where we provide dental care for special needs patients under general anesthesia. Many of these children have been badly burned. We will also be checking in on the Tierra Nueva clinic, which is now self sufficient and serving a population of over 3,000 people.

We will return after 10 days and rest after having been blessed by using our gifts of love and healing.

-words by Mark Carpenter, printed in the June 2015 issue of the Tapestry.


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