What will the JDs learn this summer?

This summer, the Junior Disciples (kids in third to fifth grades) will learn the significance of being lifelong disciples of Jesus. They will participate in the church worship service and then be excused before the sermon where they will learn about a new topic each week.  Members of our congregation will be asked to share their area of church involvement with our Junior Disciples. Listed below are the topics, along with a brief description, which they will learn throughout the summer. We are excited that the Junior Disciples program has been an enriching experience for our older elementary children! Feel free to contact me for more information regarding programs for our children.

-Deena Barwick, Associate Pastor

“Studying God’s Word” 
Children entering the third and fourth grades will receive Bibles to begin their JD journey. Discussion will include why the Bible is the foundation of discipleship and service in church life.

“Talking with Jesus” 
Discussion on the significance of public and private prayer as well as how and why we pray. Our children will also learn the Lord’s Prayer.

“Listening to the Word of God”
Discussion will include strategies on how to listen for meaning to gain an understanding from the sermon. Conversation may include ways to apply or practice a sermon point.

“Bringing Christ into the World” 
Discussion on what it means to bring the light of God into the world and how one does this in everyday life.

Missions, Local and Foreign:
“Taking the Word of God to Others” 
Discussion on the importance of serving our local community and also extending the love of Christ throughout the world. The ways in which FBC-Redlands serves the community and foreign missions will be presented.

“Remembering Jesus’ Sacrifice”
Discussion on the significance of the elements (sacraments) of communion and how it represents Jesus’ sacrifice and death on the cross. Children will learn the different methods of taking communion and then accompany the diaconate when communion is being served.

“Giving Back to Jesus” 
Discussion on the importance of stewardship and how gifts are used to continue God’s work.

“Following Jesus in Baptism” 
Discussion on the significance and differences between being dedicated and being baptized. Conversations may include how to follow Jesus in baptism.

“Serving Others for Jesus” 
Discussion on the role of hospitality, welcoming others to church and our spiritual life as we reach out to others. Discussion may also cover the various ways people can serve.


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