Meet the Morgans


An FBCR member profile: Four questions for the Morgans

Josh and Laci Morgan have attended First Baptist for the past three and a half years. They live in Grand Terrace and are regular volunteers at the church. Josh even preached a sermon last summer.

1. How did you find First Baptist?
Josh: We found it online. We both have been part of multiple churches, on staff and on leadership positions, and have seen the good, bad and ugly of churches. We had some pretty clear ideas of what we were looking for and what we weren’t looking for. So we did a lot of research on the congregation beforehand. Laci was the one who found First Baptist online, and she told me, ‘Look at the website, I think we might like it.’

Laci: We wanted to find a community that would be a little more open and accepting, and just looking at some of the things on the website, we thought this might be worth a try. We were blindsided by how nice and friendly everyone was the first time we came. We had people take us out to lunch and ask us about our lives. It just felt so welcoming. It felt like the right fit pretty quickly on.

2. What are some things God has taught you since you’ve been here?
Josh: Our time here has challenged me to more fully live out the things I have more intellectually ascribed to. Mainly: unity, patience, compassion, love, accepting people who you disagree with. It’s been something where in my head I knew I wanted that. But, here, it’s lived out. It’s been nice being part of a community where I know I can learn from other people.

Laci: It’s taught me to focus on the relationships rather than just going to church and listening to a sermon, which is kinda how it’s always been for me. And here, I want to go to church and see people and ask how their week was. It’s not so much about what can church do for me, but what can I do for my church family.

3. How has First Baptist impacted your lives?
Josh: We started talking about adopting within our first year here. It was kind of neat to see how much adoption has touched our congregation. Through the adoption journey, people have shown us unconditional acceptance and love. When Brendan got here, he was just one of us. There was no difference. He was born in Florida, and we spent a month there, and when we came back, I was just amazed and impressed about how many people brought us food. I think that says something about the community and the character of the congregation.

Laci: [The birth mom] was able to come out here to Brendan’s dedication at church [when he was 6 months old]. She loved it here, said everybody was so nice. It was fun to introduce her to people and let her see where he’s living and how he’s doing.

4. So, how did you become Christians?
Laci: Mine is a little silly. The first time I can actually remember realizing, okay God is real and He does work in my life, was my seventh birthday. I was born in April and what I wanted more than anything was a kitten. I specifically wanted a Siamese kitten with blue eyes just like the one in ‘Lady and the Tramp.’ Well April is not kitten season. My mom tried to tell me, if you just wait a little longer … but I really wanted a kitten, so she says, ‘let’s go to the animal shelter and we’ll just look.’ We went to shelter after shelter, no kittens. So finally we went to one more and we’re sitting in the parking lot and she says ‘Laci, we’ve looked everywhere, we might have to just wait. But you know what, why don’t we pray about it? Why don’t we sit here and ask God and we’ll see what happens because He answers prayers.’ I say, ‘Okay mom,’ so I sit there and I go, ‘Okay, God, I would really, really, like a little Siamese kitten with blue eyes, and it has to be a girl, because my mom says it has to be a girl.’ And my mom is sitting there going, oh no, this is going to be bad. We walk into the shelter. There’s no kittens so we’re leaving, walking out the door and all of a sudden somebody walks in with a cardboard box and we go, ‘What’s in there?’ ‘Oh, it’s a Siamese kitten somebody just dropped off. They left it at the front desk.’ And my mom turns white. We named her Angel. God listens to prayers even of 7-year-olds, even about the silliest things. And that cemented my faith right there. It was pretty amazing to me at the time.

Josh: After my parents got divorced, my mom took us to church. I remember going to youth group a couple of times. There wasn’t an exact moment in time where it was like oh, this convinced me. In researching the life of Christ, it was more of realizing that that’s the kind of life I want to participate in. I want to be part of that story. My faith has been about wanting something rather than avoiding something.

-printed in the February 2015 issue of the Tapestry.


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